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Why Elk River Residents Love Ideal Health

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Ideal Health patient testimonials below and please email us or contact the office if you have any questions.

Health and happiness
Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Sandy Rebrovich

Jan’s Testimonial

Gretchen’s Testimonial


Dr. Sandy was wonderful, attentive, and incredibly helpful. Her knowledge and understanding of pregnancy and the benefits of chiropractic care were impressive. I feel confident in my decision to return to her for care throughout my pregnancy and afterward.

- Caroline S.


I really enjoy Dr. Sandy and I’m looking forward to my next visit!

- Holly H.

“I was a chronic pain sufferer, even when heavily medicated.”

On a recent drive to Dr. Jeremy’s office, I was thinking how the quality of my life changed since I began my chiropractic journey with Ideal Health. When I walked through the doors of Ideal Heath, I was in constant pain; mostly lower back, but my neck, legs, and feet also gave me trouble. In pain for many years, I finally had back surgery. Though surgery eased the pain somewhat, I was still a chronic pain sufferer, even when heavily medicated. In short, I was miserable. I often told non-pain suffers, that chronic pain is the worst sort of aliment because it is unrecognizable by the naked eye and for the chronic pain suffer there is no relief and sometimes little understanding. From this experience, I completely understand how one could become addicted to prescription drugs. I luckily did not fall into that despair; however, I firmly believe it is only because I found Ideal Health first.
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After my very first visit with Dr. Jeremy, I knew he was the right choice for me. Although at the time I was without medical insurance, I decided that I had to invest in one more attempt to return to the person that I once was. I can honestly say the aggressive treatment schedule, focus on mind and body, sincere concern, and general encouragement, the investment was well worth it. One year late,r I am again active, healthy, and doing the things I once loved to do…PAIN FREE! I even participate in ballistic Kettlebell classes several times a week (a Kettlebell is a cast iron weight…workouts are incredibly challenging, in a fun way), something I could not have imagined doing one year ago.

When people ask me how I transformed, without hesitation, I give kudos and a recommendation to Ideal Health.

I look forward to maintaining my wellness with Ideal Health for years to come.

- Judy M

“Everyday for years I’ve had numbness in my hand and back pain.”

Recently, I started having severe pain in my neck. My friends recommended Ideal Health. Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Sandy are awesome! They were the first ever to do x-rays and a nerve scan to find the real problem. Relief began quickly. After four weeks, the neck pain is COMPLETLEY gone. The numbness in my hand is minor and much less frequent..

Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Sandy are positive, caring, and professional. They really do care about improving your health.

-Kim P.

“Chiropractic helped my sinus problem”

The first time I ever talked with a chiropractor was at a health fair, where the Ideal Health chiropractors were performing scans of the neck vertebrae. The chiropractor told me that my C-6 vertebrae was severely out of place and that it is associated with the throat. I was shocked because for as long as I can remember, I’ve always cleared my throat constantly (to my and everyone else’s frustration). I thought it was just because of chronic sinus problems. I decided to give chiropractic care a try even though my family has always shunned chiropractors and I’d likely “never hear the end of it”. I’ve never regretted it.

The very first time that I had my neck adjusted, I was shocked at how quickly it worked. I had made the appointment at the end of my work day and drove home with my sinuses draining the whole way. It was amazing! That night, I woke up in the middle of the night and realized that it was because my sinuses were CLEAR for the first time in memory. Of course, that didn’t last since I did something that caused me to be out of alignment again, but I now know the solution to constant stuffy nose and throat clearing. Dr. Jeremy has also been helpful with suggestions for improving health through supplements and I’ve been very happy with the products that I’ve tried. If you’re a skeptic like I was, I’d say give them a chance to prove themselves. Why be miserable if you don’t have to be? Life is too short! Allow yourself to enjoy it!

-Nicki B.

Jan and Dr. Jeremy

Jan and Dr. Jeremy

“Get your life back with the help of chiropractic care!”

I first came to see Dr. Jeremy at the urging of my son. He was very upset with the dramatic change in my lifestyle over a 3-4 year period, since I was adjusting my activities to deal with the restrictions of pain.

By May 2005, I had difficulty walking due in part to the pain in my left hip and a numb and contracted right foot. With a pain level of 4-5/10 as a baseline that increased to 8-9/10 with activity, I was unable to continue working as an RN, had difficulty working with my horses and was unable to maintain a garden. I was also experiencing severe spasms in both legs nightly.

After 2-3 treatments, my pain was occasional and down to 1-2/10 and now I’m pain free, with a functional right foot. I can now walk with a minimal limp (both forward and backwards!), navigate stairs and no longer have leg spasms. During my annual physical in August, my MD was very impressed not only with my increased mobility and flexibility, but also with the significant improvement in my blood pressure and heart rate. With Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Sandy’s skilled and professional care, my personal definition of chiropractic care is: “Getting your life back.” I know I can count on them to continue providing me with the care I need to reach my goals.

P.S. At Dr. Jeremy’s suggestion, I tried a wheat free/gluten free diet with the goal of eleviating my chronic arthritic joint pain. After five pain free days, I realized the diet worked.

With Dr. Jeremy’s and Dr. Sandy’s guidance, I was able to find satisfying and tasty foods. My husband is even eating my wheat and gluten free bread. He’s says “it just tastes good”.

I would strongly encourage anyone that wants less discomfort from their arthritic joints to try this diet. The effort is well worth the results.

- Jan H.

Katy S.

Katy S.

“I would recommend Ideal Health to anyone…”

My sister works for a chiropractor as a wellness and nutrition specialist. She has told me an expansive amount of interesting information about chiropractic and wellness centers but I was still hesitant to visit one. Would they judge me? Would I get roped into some scheme? Would it actually be of help to me and my individual situation?

Well, all of the answers were the right ones for me! Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Sandy Rebrovich were very open and welcoming to me. They never judged me or made me feel uncomfortable. They gave GREAT adjustments to help my sciatic nerve, plantar fasciitis, and a “cricked” neck (which is why I “took the plunge” into chiropractic and wellness), and there were no schemes of any sort! To top it off, along with all of these wonderful things, they have helped me to modify my diet to a more natural one and are working on an exercise plan to help me better myself.

Overall, I would recommend Ideal Health to anyone who wants chiropractic and/or wellness and health needs. They have turned my life around within the short period of one month. I feel great about myself because my structure, the foundation of my body, is becoming aligned and strong, and my mind and body are becoming rejuvenated. Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Sandy Rebrovich have made a world of difference in my life!

- Katy S.

“I was having headaches…”

I had a constant headache for approximately six weeks. I saw a medical doctor a few times and had a CT scan done. They put me on pain killers and muscle relaxers but nothing seemed to help. So I thought I would turn to chiropractic care for help.

After finding out that I had some spinal issues, I began chiropractic care and my headaches are now gone. I was seeing results in the first week of treatment. Before coming here, I was very skeptical about chiropractic care. But now I truly believe in it, after seeing what it has done for me, woo hoo!

- Jennifer H.

“My headaches improved after the first treatment!”

I was unable to ride horses, was experiencing high pain with sitting and driving in vehicle, had persistent and relentless headaches (2-6 on a scale of 1-10) sometimes associated with nausea and ocular pain.

Since seeing Dr. Rebrovich, I’ve experienced increased mobility of back/sacroiliac and neck. Marked improvement, i.e. absence of headaches. I am riding horses again and no longer consuming large quantities of ibuprofen for headaches.

My headaches improved after the 1st treatment! They have become less severe and are only occurring intermittently one week since starting treatment.

Although I originally came in to have lumbar/sacroiliac discomfort resolved, the virtual absence of headaches is a tremendous bonus! My only regret is that I waited so long to make my first appointment!

- Lori A., R.N.

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