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Birth Boot Camp

Birth Boot Camp is a natural childbirth course designed to educate and empower couples to pursue the birth that they want. Birth Boot Camp students will spend 10 weeks learning relaxation and comfort measures, the process of labor and birth, nutrition and exercise, breastfeeding and baby care through birth videos, interactive games, online resources, a full color workbook and a safe community of like-minded new parents. These classes are a fun and informative way to help a couple achieve an un-medicated, natural birth.


Classes will begin in September and will be held at Ideal Health, A Chiropractic Wellness Center located at 18336 Joplin Street NW, Elk River, MN 55330.

Since opening practice in 2001, Dr. Sandy has loved seeing pregnant women and families in the practice. She has had the opportunity to share her 3 different birth experiences with her patients. Overwhelmingly, the two comments she receive the most are: “I never knew I had any options” and “I’ve never heard someone talk so positively about birth”. Because of those comments, Dr. Sandy has always wanted to teach natural childbirth education classes, but she never had the time to create my own. When she found Birth Boot Camp, it was a perfect fit!

“If I was going to design a natural childbirth education program, it would have been just like this!” Dr. Sandy Rebrovich

Ready To Sign Up?

If you have questions about the classes or want to sign up, please email or call the office at 763-441-0999.

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